Barefoot Willies Cupholder

CDN $29.95

This ‘Cool Rider’ cup holder has set the standard for motorcycle beverage holders.



The ‘Cool Rider’ motorcycle cup holder is designed to accommodate any beverage you want to keep with you while riding. This device is made of high-impact polycarbonate that won’t scratch chrome and comes with a life-time guarantee. It is adjustable on your handlebars and doesn’t swivel and spill your drink. This cup holder set the standard for motorcycle beverage holders and is still the most versatile, as well as being the only one to come with a full lifetime replacement guarantee. All parts made and assembled in the U.S.A.

4 sizes fit  7/8′, 1′ or 1 1/4′ bars, plus a GoldWing option, make sure you order the correct one for your motorcycle.

NEW larger size fits even more types of drinkware. Plus FREE koozie with every cup holder!

The ‘Cool Rider’ cup holder is fully height adjustable and will fit the 6 gallon gas tanks on the Harley Davidson Touring models!

If you are unsure about the correct diameter of your handlebars, an easy way to test is:
1: Cut a strip of string or paper at least 4 inches long
2: Wrap the string or paper around your bars, making a mark on it where it overlaps itself.
3: Measure this distance (the circumference) with a ruler.
4: Use the table below for a fairly accurate guess of your handlebar’s diameter:

Tube Diameter               Circumference
7/8″                                 2 3/4″
1″                                     3 1/8″
1 1/4″                                     4″