Eucalan Delicate Wash 100ml bottle

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This is the soap we recommend to all our sheepskin customers.


Eucalan’s Delicate Wash is the soap we recommend to all our sheepskin customers. The lanolin enriched formula helps to condition fibres and keep static away and is great for conditioning the natural skin on the bottom.  Comes in five essential oil scents.  Use Eucalan on all your delicates such as sweaters, lingerie, hosiery, comforters, down jackets, bathing suits and baby items.

Eucalan is recommended for WASHABLE sheepskins and furs. The tanning process determines whether the skin is washable or not. If you wash a skin that is not washable, the hide will become brittle and you will not be pleased with the results!

To determine if a skin is washable, check for a care label, contact the manufacturer or retailer you bought the skin from, or cut off a small piece of the skin and place it in water for a short time. Allow it to dry away from direct heat or sunlight. Once dry, if the skin is pliable and the fur/wool does not pull out and looks good, you can go ahead and wash the whole skin.

Sheepskins: eg. rugs, seat covers, slippers, mittens, vests, pillows

  • Fill washing machine (or bathtub for really large items) with water, then add Eucalan.
  • Soak for 1 hr, squeezing soap and water through item from time to time.
  • If the item is really dirty, repeat the process.
  • Spin to remove excess water and lay over a rack or rail to dry away from direct heat.
  • When nearly dry, give it a good shake.
  • May take 2-3 days to dry.


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Eucalyptus, Grapefruit, Jasmine, Lavender, Natural