Fast Mask Skull n’ Roses

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Fast Mask Skull n’ Roses

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Our masks are versatile, no doubt, but what sets them apart from the competition are their features. Just like you, our masks don’t just look good everywhere they go, but they work hard, too. They are crafted from 100% polyester microfiber, a fabric that breathes as well as protects. When wearing the mask as a face mask, you’ll be shielded from the cold, insects, and wind. It also offered SPF 40 protection from the sun and its harmful UV rays. With our masks, you’ll find that they dry quickly, wick away moisture, and resist stains. That means that when you wear one of our face masks, you’ll always look cool and comfortable, as they are designed to be worn for long periods. We’ve designed our masks to be worn as a face mask, keeping dirt, water, and the sun from harming your face. This doesn’t mean it’s the only way to wear it though! Many people wear it as a headband by folding the fabric over until it fits around the head. This can help keep forehead sweat from stinging your eyes or uncomfortably dripping down your face. Another popular way to wear it as a neck gaiter. Just pull the mask down around your neck and you have a comfortable way to keep neck or head sweat from reaching the rest of your body. On cool nights, it can even serve as a scarf to help keep you warm. You can also wear it as a wristband, beanie, headband, or hair tie. There’s no wrong way to wear it, especially if it’s protecting you and promoting your style.