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Brass Pole Motorcycle Accessories

Riding has always been about one thing: The open road before you, with the world just over the horizon and the breeze and landscape both passing around you like a smooth vapour. Whether you ride hard or easy, fast or leisurely, there’s nothing that compares to that combination of power and freedom.

This is why we got into the business of Motorcycle Accessories, and eventually, motorcycle fashion and culture. We have a large selection of Bells and pins that is growing all the time. We also have our own line of Custom Made Cordura Chaps, made especially for you and your body style for a perfect comfortable fit every time!

We also carry 100% Genuine Sheepskin Seat Covers in a variety of sizes and colors for every type of motorcycle- Can Ams included.

We scoured bike shows all over North America for all the best products, materials, and manufacturers, and decided to bring all the gems we’ve found together—throwing in a few of our custom designs as well.

We invite you to check out some of our prized selections, or get to know more about us and the local biker culture.

Your Friday the 13th Buzz

When you're a biker living a stone's throw from Port Dover, the Friday the 13th celebration feels like Christmas. Count the seconds before the next Friday the 13th with our timer and join us the next Friday the 13th Port Dover Bike Rally to catch us in person. We are always in the Southcoast Car Wash parking lot, across from Macs Milk. Drop in and say Hi!!

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